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Comprise an off road trail not accessible with a regular 4WD vehicle, there are wire fences, thorn branches and rocks at sides, livestock crossing by and a river snake along the circuit 4 times with an average of depth of 1.5 feet and a maximum of 3 feet. This is an adventure tour that include a percentage of risk that might increase according to your perform There are chances that you get stock in the mud or river where could be necessary to ask you get off the ATV. There is a posibility of rain, the activity can be developed with this conditions while not representing more risk for you. The tour guide can cancel the activity for lightning, wind or hard rain ANY TIME for your own safety.


It is recommended wear comfortable light clothing that you will not be worried to damage. After the activity due the previous conditions of the tour, you will be back wet, sweaty and muddy. It is recommended to bring a set of dry clothes to change in ours office before you get back to the hotel. Sneakers are mandatory.


Our company provides the service of lockers to save your possessions in our office.

You can either leave your valuables at the Hotel or our office, we would also reccomend to leave any electronics devices behind, there is a good chance of rain during green season.

Requirements for ATV tours:
  • To Run the Tour we require at least 2 drivers
  • Drivers must be 16 years old or older, and they must show identification as a proof of age, otherwise they must ride as passengers
  • The Customers must bring a credit card Visa or Mastercard to make a US$600 or an "Open Voucher" deposit on each machine of a tour, this would cover for any damage due to negligence of the customer
  • 6 Years old or under are not allowed on the tours due to safety issues
  • Everyone who is intended to do any atv tour has to sing our waiver of responsibility, in case of under age (18 years old or under) parents or person in charge must sing for them
  • Every driver must do a test drive, in case that he/she does not shows skills or aptitude for driving, he/she must ride as a passenger, the guide of the tour will be the one taking the decision wether can drive or not
  • Before leaving the premises the customers must make a general check up of the conditions of the ATV along with the guide, same thing will be done upon returning from the tour, in case any damage is found that was notmarked on the check sheet the customer is charged on their deposit for the fair amount of the part.
  • Before selling the tour, availability must be cheked with the Main Office in Tamarindo
  • The deparure times for the ATV & Zipline Tour are at 9:30am, 11:30am and 1:30pm, the pick up time from a different location from Tamarindo add 30 minutes before.
  • The departue time for any of the other tours deppends on availability or if it is held to the tides conditions it will be pointed at the tour sheet and the exact time must be asked at the amarindo Offices
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