Surfing Lessons

Duration: 2.5 hours

If you want security, fun and easy going tips to learn how to surf, come to us! To learn how to surf all you need is the ability to swim and a good sense of humor. Our trained and fun instructors will guarantee that you will be able to stand up on your surfboard and ride your first wave in your first class.

Departure according to tide.

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Requirements for Surfing Lessons:
  • We require a minimum of 2 people to open a group as a regular lesson,each instructor can go with 5 people tops, in case the minimum is not reached and only 1 person is to be thought, then the customer must pay as a Private Lesson.
  • Children under 10 years old must pay as a private lesson, this because they need extr attention and care inside the water
  • Everyone who is intended to do any Surf Lesson has to sing our waiver of responsibility, in case of under age (18 years old or under) parents or person in charge must sing for them.
  • The Surf boards used on a surf lessons are made of foam or expoxy covered by foam, in case any customer wants to use a fiber glass or epoxy boards he/she must leave a credit card deposit as if he/she was renting the board same as doing a check sheet and check it in both times when leaving and arriving, if any damage is notmarked on the sheet upon return it will be charged on the deposit
  • The Surf Lessons times will be set according to the best times of the tides.
  • Before selling the tour, availability must be cheked with the Main Office in Tamarindo
  • Please indicate when consulting availability, wether there are children or not in the group
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